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Always purchase high quality CBD

CBD Quality

CBD is a wonderful supplement product that helps with many health issues that individuals deal with on a daily basis. One of the most important things to view when purchasing CBD products is to make sure that the company has the third party lab report for each of there CBD products they are selling. There are many products on the market today the state their products ingredients and CBD content that are false. When a person uses a CBD product and does not notice an effect it can mean two things:

1. The product is fake. 

2. The product is not being used properly. 

First let's start off by talking about CBD tinctures and other products and how to find high quality products a get the most out of your CBD product. When purchasing CBD products the first thing to look for to determine if its fake or not is to see if their are Thrid party lab results backing all the products. If there is no lab results, do not purchase. 

Second thing to look for is the type of CBD in the product you are purchasing Full spectrum - Isolate or distillate. understanding these main different types will help find the right product for your health issues. to learn more about these product types click here CBD Terminology.  If there is a lack of product information there is an issue.

Third Look at product reviews and email questions to the company to see how fast or if they respond back to you. Poor customer service shows is an indicator of the support you can expect from the company.. 

Fourth How to use the product - If a company selling CBD products cannot offer you information on dosage or proper instructions on how to use their product, don't purchase it.  

Fifth Lot code and expire date - If the product does not have a lot code or expiry date, send it back to the company as you could be purchasing expired products.

Overall make sure you are informed and feel comfortable before making your CBD purchase and at the end never be shy to send an email to the company if you have any questions.