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How to calculate CBD mg using a tincture

How to calculate when using tinctures

How much CBD am I getting in each dropper?

To figure out how much CBD is in each dropper-head (A full dropper- gives you 1 ml of tincture, their are measurement lines on each tincture), Here’s a simple equation to use:

[Total CBD in Bottle 500mg 1000mg etc] ÷ [Number of mL in Bottle] = Total milligrams (mg) CBD in a 1ml Dropper.

For example, for a 30mL bottle of CBD tincture with 1000mg of CBD:

1000 ÷ 30 = 33.3 mg of CBD per 1ml dropper.

How much to take, below is a dosage chart which you can use to start off your CBD product and increase dosage as needed. 

See Dosage Chart for more info

When using CBD products always understand the dosage you are administering and product type your using. If you have any questions always contact the company. 

Cbd oil tincture life X-Cel
Cbd oil tincture life X-Cel